How to book a unit at Maroochy Sands


There are hundreds of booking websites out there all selling our rooms. Many of them come up with different ways to market the rooms, often without our knowledge – they say “special price, today only!” or “cheapest price you’ll find online”.   The truth is, no matter which site you book on, you’ll always pay the same price to stay here at Maroochy Sands.

It’s easy to book direct with us, here on our website, because then, if you need to change your booking or even cancel, you only need to contact us – not have to phone up a call centre in America, the Philippines (or wherever they are) to contact booking. com or expedia and hope you can get through to someone to ask questions about your booking, and then wait for them to contact us etc etc.

We don’t charge any booking fees, or administration charges to book and once you’ve booked, if you have any questions or concerns, we’re only a phone call or an email away – simple!

When you click the booking button below you will be taken to our booking page where you can select your dates and see prices and availability. There are 3 different types of rates: 2 nights, 4 nights or 7 nights (the longer you stay the cheaper it gets!)  It’s quite straightforward but just be sure and read what you’re clicking on as you won’t be able to get the 7 nights price if you only select 3 days. Don’t worry though – you can’t “accidentally” book something so feel free to browse and exit out at any time.

Once you book and enter your credit card details and submit your booking, within 24 hours we will process your booking and charge your credit card a $200 deposit (the balance is charged upon your arrival). We will send you an email once this has been done.

If you have any questions, or you would like to make a booking by telephone, our office hours are 9am-4.30pm Mon-Fri & 9-12 Sat & Sun.